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Mobile Concrete Batch Plant on-site (ready-mix) concrete solutions supplied to London and the Home Counties including Screed, Foam Concrete, Structural and general purpose concrete specifications, FiS Waterproof Concrete, CBS, CBM, along with options for admix chemicals, fibers and supply of pre-cast concrete lego-blocks.Full 24/7 service provided (day and night works) through highly spec-ed Mobile Concrete Batch Plants that are all computer calibrated and approved on many specialised service contracts across London and the South East.Deliveries are engineered and batched on-site and measured in increments of 0.2m³, so no waste, no return loads, no under or over ordering and billing only for what is delivered subject to “minimum volume charge” based on supply location.Full range of cube testing and mix design cert’s if required for specific projects and these are quoted separately on request. Dry and semi-dry concrete collections are also available for yard collection or delivery by way of Grab or tipper service to site if preferred.

Mobile Concrete Batch Plants are all calibrated and computer regulated to operate and supply concrete across many high level projects in the Capital and Home Counties.

All Batch Plants are fitted with a three tank admixture system for highly accurate admix delivery during concrete production.

Concrete Batching speed is fully controllable from 2m3/h up to 60m3/h. This is achieved by reducing the belt and auger speed which in turn automatically adjusts the cement discharge. The admixture system pumps can be adjusted to suit the discharge rate accordingly.

Larger Volume delivered to site than drum mixers – drum 8m³/delivery over Mobile Batching Plant:

• Foam – 16m³/delivery.
• C10 to C25 – up to 13m³/delivery.
• C25 to C25 – up to 12.5m³/delivery.
• C40 to RC50 – up to 11.0m³-12.0m³/delivery.
2. Reduced vehicle movements due to larger volume capacity.
3. Reduced Carbon Footprint due to less vehicle movements.
4. Reduced on-site risk due to reduced vehicle movements.
5. Ability to change Mix Design / Spec on-site.
6. Concrete is engineered on-site therefore always fresh and any time.
delays on site do not affect quality of the Concrete Ordered.
7. RC50 (Rapid) Road Reconstruction – Fast curing product used for time.
critical Works – Typically roads, bridges and rail applications.
8. RC50 (Rapid) same day pour and same day Black-top re-surfacing.
9. Foam – Optimix Foam fills all voids and reduces concave subsidence or
convex bulging of the finished road surface.
10. Foam expands while being poured and pre-sets within 5min’s allowing
for accurate Black-Top orders.
11. Reduced man-power and no whacker-plate leveling required for all
12. Reduction in H&S risk due to less manpower required on Works.
13. No waste, no over-ordering, no under ordering, no return loads.
14. If required Mobile Batch Plants allow for complete ease if a utility.
trench needs to be poured in two stages allowing marker tape to be
accurately placed in-between levels without any project delay.
15. Where operationally safe to do so utility trenches can be straddled by
the Mobile Batch Plant and the pour can be delivered while slowly moving
along the trench.
16. For Concrete – by making use of Grab vehicles, a single Mobile Batching
Plant can deliver up to 20m³- 26m³ of C10 to C35 Concrete by reloading
with materials on site before having to reload with powder.
17. For Foam – by making use of Grab vehicles, a single Mobile Batching
Plant can deliver up to 38m³-40m³ of Foam Concrete by reloading with
Foam Mix Aggregate (FMA) on site before having to reload with powder.
18. On-site assistance is available where required to manage pours through
colder periods so to reduce any potential delays.

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