MCM supply soils for landscape and construction schemes across the South East and nationwide. With British Standard topsoils, subsoils and high performance soils across their range, MCM offer a soil solution for every eventuality and purpose.

Working with independent soil scientists, MCM can provide certification on request and can select the right soil for the right ground preparation on nationwide construction projects.

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MCM continue to supply British Standard Topsoil BS 3882:2015 to landscape projects and collaborate closely with specifiers, landscape architects and contractors in supplying multi-purpose and specialist soils for the establishment of successful soft landscaping schemes across the country.

  • BS3882 Topsoil

    MCM BS3882 Topsoil

    Our organic soil is made by mixing PAS 100 compost with select sands to allow water to permeate it and will aide drainage and provides a great base to any gardening project.

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  • BS8601 Subsoil

    BS8601 Subsoil

    Subsoil provides storage of moisture, transmits rainfall to deeper layers and provides anchorage for trees and larger shrubs and is an integral part of sustainable drainage systems.

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  • Premium Topsoil

    MCM Premium Topsoil

    An invaluable boost for your border, turf and amenity landscape, this blend allows for better drainage and establishment of roots.

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  • Natural Soil

    MCM Natural Soil

    Rich in nutrients and organic matter for adding where the existing soil quality is poor.

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  • PAS100 Compost

    PAS100 Compost

    PAS100 peat-free organic compost – sourced locally from green waste, fully certified and ideal as a multi-purpose soil improver for planting.

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  • Rootzone

    MCM Rootzone

    Rootzone is a growing medium used for high performance landscapes and grass surfaces.

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  • Bioretention Topsoil

    MCM Bioretention Soil Product

    To create an easy-draining soil SuDs layer for swales and rain gardens, MCM supply bioretention soil.

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  • Lawn Rootzone

    MCM Lawnzone

    For amenity turf, golf courses and tree planting, encourage new root growth with a dense, free draining Lawn Root Zone mix.

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  • Pitch Rootzone

    MCM Pitch Rootzone

    Gain a permeable, porous and fertile underlayer for high impact sport zones.

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  • Urban Tree Soil

    MCM Rootzone

    This special sand blend has an open texture, with a highly porous surface – perfect for tree roots

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  • Low Fertility Soils

    MCM Low Fertility Soil

    Ideal for wildflower planting, this blend is suitable for seeding and reduces the prevalence of invasive weeds.

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  • Ericaceous Topsoil

    MCM Ericaceous Soil

    A natural blend for the best start to your floral displays, right from their first flourish.

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  • Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

    Wembley Park E03 lightweight roof substrate

    A lightweight substrate with higher level of organic matter and lower porosity for healthy well-drained establishment of a green roof, green wall or podium landscape planting scheme.

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  • Extensive Green Roof Substrate

    MCM Extensive Roof Substrate

    A blend suitable for extensive green roof applications and sedum planting due to its relative low organic content, high porosity and good particle distribution.

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  • Semi-intensive Lightweight Topsoil

    Roof Garden Substrate

    A lightweight soil for green roof applications, with low porosity and a consistent quality blend of sand, compost and aggregate to meet your specification.

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