Primary Aggregates

Primary Aggregates is a broad term covering all Sands, Gravels, Crushed Stones and certain Slags.

Primary Aggregates are normally from a quarry and have not been used before – the material is in its primary state, just as it was when naturally in the ground.  This differs from Recycled or Secondary Aggregates which have been used, cleaned and sold as an economic and environmentally-friendly alternative.

  • Limestone


    Available in a variety of grades.

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  • Ballast


    Ballast refers to a mixture of sand and gravel that is used to make concrete.

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  • Gabion Stone

    Gabion stone

    A hard, heavy, free-draining and durable material used in Gabion baskets.

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  • Granite


    Available in a variety of grades.

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  • Shingle


    10mm or 20mm Gravel also known as Shingle, Gravel or Pea Shingle (10mm).

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  • Selfbinding Gravel

    self binding gravel

    Our limestone self binding gravel (10/0mm) is one of our best sellers.

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  • Sharp Sand

    Sharp Sand

    A sharp sand with fine sharp aggregates.

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  • SuDs Aggregates

    SuDs Aggregates

    MCM supply a range or Primary Aggregates to help drainage and pollutant filtration in different size options in limestone and shingles.

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  • Soft Sand

    Soft sand

    Primarily used in bricklaying but can also be used for other applications.

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  • Readymix Concrete

    Readymix Concrete

    Ready-mix concrete solutions supplied to London and the Home Counties including Screed, Foam Concrete, Structural and general purpose concrete specifications.

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