High Performance Topsoils from MCM

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Today's rigours on construction, development and landscaping often demand a superior topsoil.  Whether for everyday general groundwork or for high impact sport pitch construction, you would expect your topsoil to deliver top class results.

MCM High Performance Topsoils

MCM have been working extensively with our leading soil scientist to select and refine these premium topsoil blends.  Bagged or loose, this means you get consistently good soils when and where you need it, regardless of site constraints, access or limitations.  Tested and certified, you need only select the best fit for your project, request the certification and place your order.  The rest... is down to us. For more information regarding any of these products or for a quote, contact MCM today.

Your Premium Soils from MCM, available all year round

TruGrow BS 3882 Topsoil
Everything you would expect from a reputable topsoil provider.  Our leading product, taking deliveries of BS 3882: 2015 TruGrow Topsoil to your site means you're covered - in more ways than one.  The perfect blend for the perfect planting environment at 300mm depth, MCM's TruGrow BS 3882 Topsoil is peat-free and fully certified.
  • Fully certified
  • 300mm depth
  • Perfect for planting
  • Peat-free
Mill Farm BS 3882 Topsoil
Giving you that little extra cushion, a cleaner bottom end, smoother particle shape and size means this high performance, general purpose topsoil option can be laid to 400mm - giving an invaluable boost for your border, turf and amenity landscape.  Its blend allows for better drainage and establishment of roots.
  • Fully compliant
  • Used below 400mm depth
  • Coarse sand blend
  • Extra drainage
Pitch Rootzone
Sports pitch construction needs a special topsoil.  Your clients demand high performance for recreational activity and that means high impact and high expectations.  That's where Pitch Rootzone comes in, with its superb drainage to remain stable throughout regular periods of irrigation. Gain a permeable, porous and fertile underlayer for high impact sport zones.  Pitch Rootzone is suitable for lawn areas that are expected to received high levels of use and will supported by automatic irrigation.  Ideal for sand-based sports pitches and public open spaces, it also offers the best solution for podium landscapes and domestic garden lawns.
  • Sports and public open space
  • Superior drainage
  • Permeable and porous
  • For high traffic areas
Lawn Rootzone
For amenity turf, golf courses and tree planting, encourage new root growth with a dense, free draining Lawn Root Zone mix.
Urban Tree Soil
Planted at depth, a new trees start in an urban landscape can be a hostile one.  Lessen the impact and tree stress with a specialist blend designed to ensure longevity and healthy establishment of trees.  Its superior CBR values (Californian load-Bearing Ratio - basically, a substrate's ability to handle loads and impact) give you maximum confidence in the success of your planting investment in the hardest of landscapes.  This special tree pit sand blend has an open texture, with a highly porous surface - perfect for tree roots to maintain their access to the air and moisture they need in the urban environment.
  • Open texture
  • Healthy establishment of roots
  • Superior CBR
  • Allows air and moisture for roots
Bioretention Topsoil
To create a easy-draining soil SuDs layer for swales and rain gardens, MCM supply bioretention soil.  Improving drainage and reducing flood potential, this high performance landscaping soil provides filtration and helps the rate of rainwater run-off.  The soil helps to remove pollutants and allows for landscaping flexibility and the creation of a healthy, sustainable soil layer.
  • SuDs layer
  • For swales and rain gardens
  • Reduces flood risk
  • Drains well
Roof Garden Substrate
If your project includes green roofs, podium landscapes or green walls, you will require a lightweight soil or green roof substrate with low porosity and a quality blend of sand, compost and aggregate that suits.  Lightweight, easy draining and supplied in bags to site - just what you need for a roof garden or podium landscape.  Minimal weight for maximum benefit - find out more about our Lightweight Green Roof Substrates and request full certification.
  • TOHA Tested
  • Low Porosity
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for roofs and podium landscapes


Contact the MCM team for specific guidance.  Our ongoing relationship with independent soil scientists enables us to offer you the best specialist blend, adding nutrients to suit and offering a consistent supply, fully certified, quoted to your exact requirements. MCM can provide any of our high performance topsoils via the following methods:
  • Tipper or Grab Lorries
  • Standard Industry Bulk Bags
  • Articulated Lorries


The standard MCM minimum order is 10 tonnes or 5 Multi-lift Bags.  If you require smaller deliveries, we will try our best to help – just give us a call to discuss on 0330 128 1030