Technologies such as bioremediation are increasingly being adopted to help maintain the balance between environment and development. Contaminated brownfield sites can take decades to become safe. Bioremediation can transform them to reusable land quickly and safely.

Bioremediation, is a range of processes whereby naturally occurring bacteria are stimulated to speed up the degradation of contaminated material. These processes are generally classified as in situ, where they are carried out on site and ex situ, where the material is removed to approved centres for treatment.

Certain contaminants, particularly hydrocarbon based contaminants such as petrol and diesel, are well suited to organic bioremediation. Others, such as heavy metals, are less suited and may require different treatment.

MCM specialise in ex situ bioremediation. From initial analysis to the removal of your contaminated material to registered bioremediation centres, our experienced team are on-hand to work with you throughout.

Soil Testing

Whether you are excavating soil for muck away, or buying in topsoil for a landscaping project, you need a cost effective way to quickly assess the contaminant or nutrient levels of the soil on site.

Our full spectrum tests include analysis of major nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, along with secondary nutrients (sulphur, calcium and magnesium) and minor nutrients such as aluminium, iron and zinc.

MCM soil testing can also review physical soil properties, such as acidity and presence of contaminants (petroleum hydrocarbons), so you can be sure that anything removed from your site is treated in the correct manner.