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Hazardous waste assessment and potential removal from school redevelopment

Groundwork contractor calls in hazardous waste specialists

A North London school has plans to move to its new permanent site in Tottenham in September 2019. As the site development has progressed, the contractor responsible for the site’s groundworks preparation contacted MCM as their hazardous waste removal specialists upon the discovery of potentially hazardous material within the terrain. As their regular first point of contact in such scenarios, the contractor commissioned MCM for the assessment, classification and removal of the hazardous waste as necessary.

The Site Visit

Attending the site in North London swiftly, one of MCM’s technical advisors began the inspection of the stockpile of excavated tarmac material to determine whether there was coal tar contamination or if the excavation was, in fact, entirely coal tar in its composition.

Initial Inspection

Checking the potential contamination initially by visual and olfactory assessment methods, MCM began their deeper coal-tar assessment using specialist tools and materials. This gives a better indication of the presence in the layers and indicates the thickness of layers potentially affected. Application to the affected tarmac debris and a control piece of concrete from a non-affected area allowed comparison to identify any further visual differences. Significant break-out areas were marked all around the perimeter of the stockpile and to its peak and were reinspected for a further assessment. With referenced site maps and a full report of findings, assessment results and recommendations, the material was declared non-hazardous, allowing the client to continue on site, safe in the knowledge that none of the material required special waste removal measures. MCM were able to arrange the removal and tipping of the designated non-hazardous material quickly and safely.

MCM and hazardous waste removal

The MCM team have been managing the assessment and removal of hazardous and contaminated waste for over 20 years. Via our network of tips, remediation centres and landfill sites, we have safely removed hazardous waste swiftly and effectively from tens of thousands of sites, disposing of more than 300,000 tonnes of waste in the process.

Coal Tar Assessment and Reporting

This MCM coal-tar assessment accompanies the visual and olfactory inspection, the results of which are written up and submitted to the client following the extensive site investigation. This helps clients to determine and categorise their waste correctly and enables MCM to assign the correct waste code for its disposal at one of our licenced facilities.

Fast, efficient and cost-effective contaminated waste removal

MCM’s experience in the field of contaminated waste removal means we can provide fast, efficient, accurate and cost-effective solutions on site, allowing projects to continue unhampered, worry-free. View further information about MCM waste removal and muckaway services here.

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