Argex LWA 8-16mm Expanded Clay Bulk lightweight Mix at 1.5n/mm2+ pellet strength.

Used by contractors as a lightweight backfill material, or foundation material, where there are poor soil conditions or where heavy material cannot be used. Ideal for filling behind retaining walls, bridge abutments, soil improvement areas, as a general lightweight building material. Its equally suitable as backfill material in sewage trenches or around pipes, behind steel quay walls and on bridge decks and parapets. Can be used in and out of water and forms maximum stability thanks to its bearing capacity, high internal friction angle and unlimited life span.

Loose Bulk Density (dry) 340kgs/m3

Partical Density (dry) 600kgs/m3


MCM – Supplying your product, your way

MCM can provide LWA via the following methods:

  • Tipper or Grab Lorries
  • Standard Industry Bulk Bags
  • Articulated Lorries.

Minimum Order

The usual minimum commercial delivery is 10 tonnes or 10 Bulk Bags. It is usually possible to make smaller deliveries by special arrangement, please call us to discuss your needs.