Lytag Lightweight Aggregates

Lytag is a sustainable lightweight civil engineering bulk fill for use in highway structures, back fill and raising of surface levels. Made from natural materials that would otherwise become landfill.

For use in a variety of applications including:

Structural Lightweight Concrete, Bridges, Screed, Precast Concrete, Geofill, Drainage, Green Roofs, SuDS and Pipe Bedding.

In accordance with BREEAM Technical Guide SD 5073 sub clause Wst 02, Lytag may be counted towards the recycled aggregate content of a project.

Bulk density varies slightly between the different grades but averages at 0.75 (Mg/m3)

Available in grades :


Delivery available within 48 hours nationwide. Deliveries in to London and surrounding areas can be made on FORS Gold accredited lorries.

Contact us for more information, technical data or pricing.

MCM – Supplying your product, your way

MCM can provide LYTAG via the following methods:

  • Tipper or Grab Lorries
  • Standard Industry Bulk Bags
  • Articulated Lorries.

Minimum Order

The standard MCM minimum order is 10 tonnes or 5 Multi-lift Bags.  If you require smaller deliveries, we will try our best to help – just give us a call to discuss on 0845 053 34 54