Up to 50% lighter than conventional building aggregates, the lightweight aggregate stocked and supplied by MCM offers a natural alternative material for construction and civil engineering projects.  With in-house stocks of Lytag and other supply options available, we have all your lightweight aggregate options covered in different grades, density and colour.

Ultra-lightweight and strong Argex aggregates have been hugely successful lightweight construction materials for over 40 years. Made from Expanded Clay at 1100c, Argex pellets are extremely strong with a honeycomb structure that traps high air volume within the aggregate. Argex pellets are used to create high performing lightweight Concrete and as a Geo-fill lightweight material. Argex is non-combustible product and in lightweight concrete is an excellent thermal insulator with excellent acoustic insulation characteristics from the air contained within the aggregate.  Argex poducts with a pellet strength of over 5n/mm2 are used in lightweight concrete production.

Lytag is a sustainable lightweight civil engineering bulk fill for use in highway structures, back fill and raising of surface levels and is made from natural materials that would otherwise become landfill.

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In development:  We are collaborating and developing a GRO approved lightweight roofing substrate.  Sign up for updates on this and other technical, company and product developments.