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MCM Sandy Loam Bagged

Sandy Loam Topsoil

Also known as "Tru Grow", this organic, sandy loam topsoil is made from a mix of compost and select sands, giving it excellent drainage for a great base to any gardening project.  Certified to British Standard BS3882, this sustainable peat-free topsoil is perfect for planters, beds, vegetable patches and turfing - a true multi-purpose topsoil for your garden.

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MCM Premium Topsoil Bagged

Premium Topsoil

This premium grade topsoil gives you that little extra cushion and a cleaner bottom end.  Its smoother particle shape and size means this high performance premium topsoil can be laid to 400mm - giving an invaluable boost for your border, turf and amenity landscape. Its blend allows for better drainage and establishment of roots.


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MCM Natural Soil Bagged

Natural Soil

A natural topsoil should be rich in nutrients and organic matters and is added to make new beds, borders, raised beds or as a base for lawns, where the existing soil quality is poor. This non-manufactured natural topsoil will fit the bill in most garden situations and, over a good subsoil layer, it will make support grass, trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

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MCM Rootzone Bagged


Rootzone is a growing medium used for turfing and grassed areas, with a blend designed to provide the right level of porosity, permeability and fertility for the healthiest of lawns. Great for areas prone to water-logging and particularly good for levelling a new lawn.  Just for use beneath turf, seed or beds, not as a top dressing.

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MCM Subsoil Bagged


Vitally important for drainage and creating a healthy sublayer for trees and shrubs, a subsoil is an essential component of most soil profiles. It plays an important role in reducing the amount and speed of surface water runoff, reducing pooling, erosing and stand water in your garden.  This BS8601 subsoil ensures a healthy start and growth for all your plants in borders, lawns and beds.

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MCM Ericaceous Soil Bagged

Ericaceous Soil

Ericaceous or acid-loving plants are those plants who do not grow well in alkaline or lime-based soils. Our low pH lime-free topsoil is the ideal substrate, perfect for plants such as Japanese Maples, rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas. A natural blend for the best start to your floral displays, right from their first flourish.


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MCM 10MM Compost Bagged

10mm Compost

A PAS100 peat-free organic compost - sourced locally from green waste.  This "publicly available specification" (PAS) has been set for compost quality as part of an assurance scheme run by British Standards. From local sources and fully certified, this soil is ideal for gardening, landscaping and horticulture as an multi-purpose soil improver.

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MCM 10mm 20mm 40mm Shingle Bagged

10/20/40mm Shingle

Shingle, available in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm, is also known as Gravel or Pea Shingle (10mm). Used on drives, flowerbeds and as a decorative feature in borders or along paths, shingle helps filtration around planting areas.  Our shingles are varied angular and rounded stones, screened and washed.

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MCM Type 1 Aggregate Crushed Concrete Bagged

Type 1 Primary and Recycled

Used as a hard base for a top coating of tarmac, concrete, shingle of block paving, choose Type 1 Primary or the  Recycled Crushed Concrete alternative, made from crushed and screened concrete and brick hardcore.   Great for backfilling and as a frost-resistant sub-base.  The recycled option is sourced from materials from construction and demolition projects.

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MCM Type 3 Crushed Concrete Bagged

Type 3 Recycled Crushed Concrete

A more open grade of recycled crushed concrete than Type 1, allowing for greater drainage.  Can be used beneath driveways, pathways and hard-standing areas as well as patios.

A great general filler or sub base, this is also referred to as 6F2 and can also be used  for firming up soft or wet ground or for use as a layer below Type 1.

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MCM Sharp Sand Bagged

Sharp Sand

Ideal for many uses when mixed with other products, including floor screeds, paving and concreting.  Also known as grit sand or concrete sand, it is coarser and heavier than a builder's sand so is better used where a paving or flooring project requires more strength and less flexilibility.  Can also be used as a lawn top dressing, in gardening and in seed composts where it allows moisture to move freely.

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MCM Building Sand Bagged

Building Sand

Also known as Soft Sand, our Building Sand is primarily used in bricklaying but can also be used for other applications such as pointing, rendering and bedding of pond liners.  Finer in grade than a sharp sand, and with smaller particles, it is often mixed with water and cement to make mortar - ready for making brick walls, laying patio slabs or block paving.

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MCM Gabion Stone Bagged

Gabion Stone

A hard, heavy, free-draining and durable material used in Gabion baskets, often used creatively in walls, decorative or retaining, supporting banks and separating garden and landscape sections.   A gabion wall is a retaining wall made of stacked stone-filled gabions tied together with either galvanized steel, PVC-coated or stainless steel wires.  Our Gabion stone is a 100 - 200mm limestone.

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MCM Ballast Bagged


Ballast refers to a mixture of sharp sand and gravel that is used to make concrete. In general the sizing of the grains/stones varies from 0.1mm to 20mm and is produced using a mixture of sharp sand and 4-20mm pea shingle.

It is ideal for use with concrete to create a stronger mix.


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MCM Portland Cement 25kg

Portland Cement

Our Ordinary Portland Cement, available in 25kg bags, is used for binding and hardening other materials.  Water and cement sets and hardens, or "cures".  Mix with water, sand and rock to form concrete for general construction projects such as paving and masonry where soil conditions are normal.


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