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  • Type 3 Recycled

    Type 3 Recycled

    40mm unbound mixture utilising recycled aggregate.

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  • Lytag Lightweight Aggregate

    Lytag Lightweight Aggregates

    Lytag is a sustainable lightweight civil engineering bulk fill for use in highway structures, back fill and raising of surface levels.

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  • SuDs Aggregates

    SuDs Aggregates

    MCM supply a range or Primary Aggregates to help drainage and pollutant filtration in different size options in limestone and shingles.

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  • Bioretention Topsoil

    MCM Bioretention Soil Product

    To create an easy-draining soil SuDs layer for swales and rain gardens, MCM supply bioretention soil.

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  • Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

    Wembley Park E03 lightweight roof substrate

    A lightweight substrate with higher level of organic matter and lower porosity for healthy well-drained establishment of a green roof, green wall or podium landscape planting scheme.

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