Supporting, nurturing, empowering: The M of MCM

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Jason Matthias MCM

The M of MCM

Every business has a personality at its very heart: a leader, an innovator, a force that drives them to succeed.  And at the centre of our MCM heart is Jason Matthias.  Through the M of Matthias Construction Materials, Jason’s spirit continues to inspire and enthuse the team as it has done since he started the company in 1992.  A personality that made a huge impact on the industry, his clients, his associates, his colleagues and above all his wife Shazna and their children, the ripples of Jason’s sudden passing in November 2016 at the age of 56 have been felt every day since.


The MCM Family

Jason and Shazna Matthias built and fortified the MCM business which continues to thrive and remains firmly grounded on the most solid of foundations.  Every November, everyone upon whom Jason’s light shone remembers him for his lust for life, his supportive and encouraging nature and how he always looked out for, supported and empowered his staff.  This ethos and his spirit lives on across the MCM family – at business and at home.

Managing Director Shazna shares a few words on her husband, her business partner, her friend and his legacy


“A most genuine, beautiful man with values to match and a real lust for life and business success. His natural ability to support, nurture and encourage those around him is instilled in all of us.  Jason remains a shining light throughout MCM.  Jason’s legacy in our business is his work ethic, his passion and his aim to empower others to be the same.  His commitment to honest values and solid business practices lives on – something we’re really proud of.  We’re still a family business with me at the helm and most of our team were lucky enough to know and appreciate Jason’s attributes first-hand.  They continue to reflect these in their ongoing development of the business, all day, every day.  A truly unique and remarkable man in life, business and friendship, the Matthias name lives on in all of usJason was a true leader with a passion for life and has instilled life-changing values in all of us and our staff and management team. A friend to all.

20 November 2019