Warner Bros Studio sources movie-grade topsoil from MCM

Topsoil isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about making movies, but they use a lot of it at Warner Bros Studio in Watford. Specifically, topsoil is used for a range of set-building and outdoor activities, requiring significant quantities to be delivered to the site.

The MCM solution

To meet Warner Bros Studio’s requirements for topsoil for outdoor filming and set-building, MCM delivers our BS3882 Tru-grow soil, which is manufactured using the finest selected sands and PAS 100 compost.

Benefits for Warner Bros Studio

To help Warner Bros keep its outdoor projects and activities on track, MCM delivers all the topsoil the organisation needs quickly and safely based on our next-day delivery guarantee.

Great performance

Because our Tru-grow soil is made with the finest ingredients, we can guarantee consistency and performance for Warner Bros, ensuring that it meets the studio’s needs both structurally and as a growing medium.

Star quality

Our BS3882 topsoil has a star quality that makes it stand out. If you look carefully, you might just see some bottom screen left – Lights! Camera! Action!