MCM are a key supplier for the Embassy Garden development and have been for the past year now, supplying an array of aggregates and providing muck away services to several key contractors

The Embassy Garden project is a vital part of London’s growth as a world leading Metropolis paving the way to greener city living by developing the surrounding areas and building parks, playgrounds and sports pitches alongside affordable housing, shops and business opportunities.

Embassy Gardens is also having green roofs installed to further showcase the green side of life that is becoming so popular in London and other major cities across the country

MCM also follows the same ethos of promoting green roofs and sustainable products through material development and the supply of compliant materials for SUDS and as a company are starting to engage with the growing market of a ‘Green London’  that the construction industry is starting to turn towards.

Other services MCM provided to the Embassy Garden project is the removal of Asbestos that was identified and removed on a 2 day turn around as it the discovery of asbestos put a hold on the digging until the contaminated material was removed and disposed with so the site could resume normal working – This was a major problem as due to the size of the site as 2 days without the removal of muck away put a major dent in the timescale a site like this needs to work to

MCM are proud to provide materials and services on time and in the least environmentally impactful methods as possible for such a prestigious project